Module Specific Rules
● A team can Participate in both Hackathon and Project Exhibition simultaneously. Team
Leads should be different though.
● The participants selected for the competition will receive the confirmation email.
● Teams can use their own laptops. It is advised to bring at least 2 laptops per team.
● It will be a theme-based hackathon. Theme will be communicated later.
● Teams are allowed to use any software they prefer but it should be properly
● In case of application development, team will submit their .apk file or .ipa file.
● In web development, web must include read me file which specifies how to run the web
for local use.
● IEEE administration and Judges panel reserves the rights to disqualify any team or
member in case of any misconduct.
● Any condition/situation that is not mentioned in rules will be decided by IEEE
administration on the spot and will be final.
● Marking of the presentation and application will be reviewed by experts and will not be
● Teams must provide screen shots or possibly a video of the product (web/app) in the
● It is advised that every team spares at least 1.5 hours for the documentation of the
application which includes videos and pictures.
● Plagiarism will directly cause disqualification. Teams can use different code snipper
● Make sure the team members are same for the whole competition.